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Globally we've come together to learn- how to release self doubt, ignite super confidence and painlessly allow our wildest dreams to come TRUE, through experiential literacy.

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Welcome to Future Gen Leaders.

I'm Thembi Buthelezi,


Co Creating Emotionally Resilient
Global Leaders and Communities


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The Philosophy That Fuels
Our Soul Hustle.

Inside everyone is a power, a presence, and a potential to achieve anything we set our hearts and minds to. At FGL we help you remove the blinders that might be blocking your perspective to the infinite good already available for you. We are above no one, nor are we beneath anyone.

Our mission on planet earth is to be the catalyst that enables humanity to live in peace within themselves and share that peace with the world. We are the Now Generation of Leaders and we’re committed to leaving this earth better off for the Future Gen Leaders.

What Our Alumni Are Saying

Each graduate has completed one of FGL's Programs taught by the founder Thembi Buthelezi

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Matthew Koerner

International Brand Strategist, New York

“ I can say that without a doubt, I’ve never been more confident, and ready to solve any problem as a leader and as a man. Visionary, elegant, and viscerally conscious are how I’d describe the sensations of making forward motion through the FGL experience. ”

Orchestre Agency

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Ernest Curry

Stock Market Trader, New Jersey

“ Future Gen Leaders programs keep you upbeat and positive, not just focusing on business, but also on your mindset ”

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Daniel Jordi

Business Strategist, Switzerland and Poland

“ Thembi is a genius marketer and spiritual big sister.”

Leaders Bridge, Switzerland

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Bob Zientek

CEO of Family Business, Chicago

“ From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you for the education you have given me ”

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Dr Tony Gayer

Physician, New Jersey

“ Being mentored by Thembi was the best decision of my life. Thembi, Thank you very much for showing me the way to financial freedom and peace of mind.”