Our Story

Our journey began 11 years ago when the founder Thembi Buthelezi, released her first stock market trading youtube video. The chills of excitement when Thembi realized that she had a vehicle to share her life, career, and wealth building lessons with the youth, drove her to build a learning environment for eager minds of all ages.As we embrace the future of the workplace and learning, it’s our intention at FGL to leave an Invincible Legacy and touch the lives of 10 million young leaders and humanity along the way.

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“Money won’t create success, the freedom to make it will”.

Nelson Mandela

Who We Are

Stop Running On AutoPilot

-The average American drinks 2.1 coffee drinks a day.
-The average male at 40 drinks around 10 alcoholic drinks a week.
-About 40 to 50 percent of married couples in the United States divorce.
-Seventy-nine percent of suicides are boys/men
-72% of homeless are boys/men
-About 610,000 people die of heart disease in the United States every year

-We believe there has to “GOT” to be more to life than work and death.

At Future Get Leaders we facilitate a life and business by your design. We believe life is meant to be savored and explored. With cutting edge neuroscience research, ancient rest and restoration rituals and retreats and a cutting edge leadership development program, we help you make your life an adventure worth living for.


Whats makes YOU different?

High functioning, wickedly creative introverted leaders, are our drug of choice.  These are the leaders that don’t say very much, yet, these are the same people who dare to explore the uncharted waters of business.

While their quiet demeanor might be sometimes mistaken for weakness, shyness or aloofness, deep down, we know and believe there is a visionary in there.

Usually all our cohort members need is a spark of new ideas, finding that inner drive and a slice of adventure, then the magic happens. Goals that once seemed impossible, with a  little planning, strategic introductions and access to insights and a supportive peer to peer group, then your next chapter becomes an adventure worth writing about.

Ready to join us on Your Invincible Adventure?

Graduate of Future Gen Leaders.

Meet Our Invincible Visionaries

Our team and facilitators began their journey as cohort members, students or close friends of the Founder. Our emphasis on Spiritual and Business Integrity is at the forefront of our mission and is at the core of what brought us together and helped us create our founding values. We love Life, We Love Each Other and Yes we still fight.


Thembi Buthelezi

Founder and CVO of Future Gen Leaders and The FGL Foundation.

Global Intelligence Educator – America, Africa, Asia, Europe.

Badass big sister.

Robert Murphy

Chief Market Entry Specialist & Global Cultural Intelligence Educator.

FGL Foundation Director – America, Africa, Asia.

“Life happens; I was once a Millennial.”

Future Gen Leaders Foundation Educators