Thembi Buthelezi

Global Intelligence Educator

      • Learn the language of your emotions  and how they create:

        • Unbridled Ecstasy

        • Invincible resilience

        • Unshakable self assurance

        • Ideal Partnerships

        • A roadmap for exploring your interpersonal behavior: In what situations do you feel powerful? Powerless? Overpowering? Unsure? Anxious?

        • Introvert or extrovert? How to use your personality type to your advantage when building rapport.

    From U.S equity trader to playing in Emerging Markets, Thembi Buthelezi is passionate about maximizing human potential, and is the Chief Visionary Officer for FGL. During Thembi’s engagements she integrates her experience on Wall Street , human resources, art,neuroscience, and media production to create globally integrated learning experiences.

Robert Murphy

Global Cultural Intelligence Educator

  • Learn the language of Cross Cultural Teams and how it creates:
      • Influence and Respect.

      • Understanding Every Project’s Life Cycle

      • Attainable and Measurable Goals.

      • Deadlines: How to Tell the Real From the Phony

      • Elements of constructive confrontation: How to face it calmly, confidently and head-on.

      • Proven techniques for connecting with people you dont know and creating a win-win approach – your key to dealing successfully with others at all levels.

    From Disney Imagineer to playing Emerging Market Theme Park strategist, Robert Murphy has lived and worked in 3 continents delivering WOW theme park experiences, and is the Chief Cultural Intelligence Strategist for FGL. During Robert’s engagements he integrates his experience in corporate America, Asian & Africa entertainment, and 43 years of Global Leaders to help organizations create cohesive cultures.

Andy Bi

Global Financial Intelligence Educator

      • Learn the language of Ancient China and how it creates:

        • Guanxi and Influence

        • Respect From Everyone

        • Seemless Deal Negotiations

        • A “Sixth Sense” to See Problems Before They Happen

        • The ability to listen to the “unspoken” in Asian Cultures: Body language, eye contact and facial expressions and what it means.

        • Empathy neurosynapsis that allow you to lead with confidence and not be seen by others as push over because you are kind.

    From engineer to playing global financier and startup CEO, Andy Bi is fluent both Chinese and English and specializes in deal structuring, succession planning Emerging Markets, and is the Asian Market Strategist for FGL. During Andy’s presentations he integrates his experience in engineering, finance and Asian Philosophy  from the perspective of each stakeholder in a way that takeaways can be instantly implemented and scaled when emerging to Asian markets.

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Curriculum Development

Partnership Ignition

Daniel Jordi

Global Business Intelligence Educator.

Ruben Chavez

Global Cultural Intelligence Educator.

Bongiwe Buthelezi

Global Emotional Intelligence Educator.

Jen Brassard

Global Emotional Intelligence Educator.

Ntokozo Buthelezi

Global Emotional Intelligence Educator.

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Melenie Starr

Global Emotional Intelligence Educator.

Malizo Tshuku

Global Emotional Intelligence Educator.

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